At a Glance


  • STEM
  • Chemistry

Instructional Level

  • College & CEGEP
  • University


  • General Chemistry

Tasks in Workflow

Social Plane(s)

  • Group

Type of Tasks

  • Solving problems
  • Reviewing & assessing peers
  • Revising & improving

Technical Details

Useful Technologies

  • Online collaborative platform (like Visual Classrooms)


  • Single class period (< 90 mins)

Instructional Purpose

  • Application & knowledge building


In groups of 3-6, students will be dealt cards from the “Chemicard” deck. The instructor will randomly assign 10 cards to each group, who attempt to maximize their point score (according to the card rules) by creating ionic compounds.

Each group uploads a photo of their sorted cards into an online collaborative platform along with a paragraph indicating the number of points and how they were obtained. Groups peer review the work of other groups, and make changes to their final set of ionic compounds based on these comments. Groups come up with their final point score.

This activity can then be repeated out of class as many times as the instructor deems necessary.

Instructional Objectives

Students learn how to determine which ionic compounds are most likely to form, and peer review each others work.

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Activity Workflow

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Yann Brouillette

Yann Brouillette

Dawson College, Montreal


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Stay tuned.


Stay tuned.


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