The aim of this activity is to present the concepts of solubility and the skills for writing proper chemical equations in an engaging and memorable way.

The students form groups of two and obtain a card with a compound written on it from the teacher. Each group is then tasked to find another group whose compound will form a precipitate with theirs. Together the group of 4 students write out the chemical equation in various ways (molecular/formula, complete ionic and net ionic equation). Upon completion, students review another group’s work.


  • To better understand solubility and precipitation;
  • To know how to write chemical equations.

Context and requirements

Level College/University
Discipline Chemistry
Course General Chemistry
Activity Content Precipitation
Technological Requirements Smartboard, white board
Best Use Practice

Author’s Notes


  • It increases student engagement with the material;
  • It facilitates discussion using the correct terminology;
  • It encourages stronger students to help weaker ones.


  • It can be challenging to keep students on task;
  • The groups finish at different rates.


  • Laminate the cards so they can be reused;
  • Groups that finish the exercise early can either obtain another set of cards, or can be asked to carry out a stoichiometric calculation assuming 100g of each compound in their reaction to determine % yield.

Activity Pedagogical Components


For a description of this strategy, please see here.


For a description of this strategy, please see here.


For a description of this strategy, please see here.

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