At a Glance


  • Languages

Instructional Level

  • College & CEGEP


  • 602-103-MQ

Tasks in Workflow

Social Plane(s)

  • Individual
  • Group

Type of Tasks

  • Reviewing & assessing peers
  • Creating & designing
  • Revising & improving

Technical Details

Useful Technologies


Class size

  • Small (20-49)


  • Part of a semester (4-6 weeks)

Instructional Purpose

  • Application & knowledge building


The aim of this activity is for students to explore their creativity through a theme discussed in the course, and to learn to revise their writing. Students are given the opportunity to have a creative exercise, outside of analyzing literature.

This activity, which takes place over the course of a month,  employs the Active learning strategies of Gallery Walk and Peer Assessment. Students are asked to write three 250 word text on three separate themes from the book assigned in class. They can write any genre of text and then upload it to their TEAMS forum. Over the course of the three assignments, every student must read two of their group members texts and leave a 100 word comment on aspects to improve and aspects that worked. Students then revise and improve their texts.

Instructional Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Write an original, creative and/or opinion text on three different themes
  • Incorporate peer feedback to revise their work

Workflow & Materials


Activity Workflow

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Contributor's Notes

  • This activity nourishes student’s writing by giving them a chance to revise, and by reading texts from their peers
  • It permits students to see the novel from a different perspective, allowing them to understand and analyze the book better
  • In appropriating the theme in their own writing they are better able to remember it for the exam
  • It is not homework to write, but the task of the week is to write in workshop format
  • Revision in pairs helps the more timid students feel more comfortable in sharing with a small group instead of the whole class
  • There are some students who are closed to the creative aspect of the activity
  • Some texts do not receive peer feedback
  • Receiving late work is a problem as the rhythm of the activity is quick
  • To accommodate the possibility of late-work, stretch the activity out more.
  • This activity can work with any book analyzed in class
  • The instructor can also submit a text, giving the students a demonstration and also helping them to feel more comfortable in exposing their creative work (which can sometimes be daunting).


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