At a Glance


  • STEM
  • Engineering

Instructional Level

  • University

Tasks in Workflow

Social Plane(s)

  • Individual
  • Group
  • Whole Class

Type of Tasks

  • Discussing
  • Solving problems
  • Creating & designing

Technical Details

Useful Technologies

  • Lightboard
  • UnlistedYouTube Channel
  • Videorecorder

Class size

  • Medium (50-99)


  • Multiple class periods (2-3 classes)

Instructional Purpose

  • Application & knowledge building


This activity is intended to help the students learn the course material and develop problem-solving skills.

Monday week 1: The instructor posts the problem set to the course website which includes numerical answers. Students have from Monday of week 1 to Wednesday of week 2 to complete the assignment. The same day, the instructor assigns a group of four students to make a video in their medium of choice (lightboard recording, blackboard recording with cell phone, etc.) which will include a short lesson providing hints to the solution of one of the problems.

Wednesday week 1: Three TEAM members (these are students who have previously been successful in the course and are hired to help the students) will each perform a short lesson involving the problem set, using a lightboard. The lesson is video recorded and posted to an unlisted YouTube Channel for students to view. Friday week 1: The group of four students post their video to the unlisted YouTube Channel.

Monday week 2: Students work throughout the tutorial to develop strategies for the problem set (along with the assistance of the teaching assistant). Students will also listen to mini lessons to do with the problem set given by the teaching assistant.

Wednesday week 2: The students submit the problem set to the course website. After Wednesday week 2: Each teaching assistant will post the solutions to one or two. Throughout this entire process, the professor may clarify misconceptions students may have or incorrect videos posted either using the light board or in class.

This activity was used for a class of 75 to 95 students.

Instructional Objectives

To develop problem-solving skills and strategies for complex problems. To apply and evaluate fluid mechanics concepts.

Workflow & Materials


Activity Workflow

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Contributor's Notes


This activity is flexible and independent learning happens on the students_â__ own time. The educator’s office time is less repetitive due to student questions and misconceptions being addressed throughout the activity.


There have been some technical issues with setting up lightboard and therefore it has taken a summer to setup.


More curating of the videos could be done, however sometimes it is nice to not have them curated so that the educator can address misconceptions.

Applied Strategies


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