Drop-in sessions

Saltise Community of Practice (CoPs) allows educators the opportunity to engage with experts on topics related to student-centered instruction.

Designed to allow for deep discussion and personalized mentorship, CoPs help educators:

  • Learn more about a specific student-centered strategy and/or tool
  • Take a deep dive into the particulars of research related to student-centered learning
  • Connect – on a personal level – with like-minded individuals who are interested in AL solutions
  • Deepen their knowledge and skill-set when it comes to an active learning approach

These drop-in sessions are 60-90 minutes and run throughout the semester. Attendees receive take-away resources that are shared through web-based platforms.

Do you need help with specifics?

If you need more time or have specific needs regarding the SALTISE tools or resources, schedule a session with a member of our experts team, one-on-one or in small groups.