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Alice Cherestes


McGill University, Montreal

Senior Faculty Lecturer

Education and background
Education and background

Educational Outreach

  • AgriSTEM – Workshops are offered in partnership between our faculty, CREO—Game for Science and the Macdonald campus farm. Through this initiative, Quebec school educators can learn more about the importance of food production and how to incorporate such essential concepts in the elementary and high school science curriculums.

Teaching Innovation and Mentorship

  • Pilot project in conjunction with the Canadian Light Source, University of Saskatchewan. Interested undergraduate students from our faculty have the opportunity to develop a project proposal for which they would be allotted research time at the synchrotron facility.

First Year Student Success and Student Programming

  • Different high impact educational practices are implemented and studied as critical factors in student success.

2009 - Award for Teaching Excellence, Macdonald Campus, McGill University

SALTISE Innovator Best Practices & Pedagogical Innovators Award

2020 SALTISE Conference


STEM Chemistry

Stereochemistry Activity