2015 Mini-grant Project

A series of videos, posted online, of past exam problems solved by a TA with quizzing throughout to keep students engaged. In total, 30 videos have been produced with 5000 unique views by students. The intent is to increase the accessibility of TA-support in general chemistry classes through video podcasts.

Project Proposal

Knowledge and Skills Brought to the Project

Jim Ghoshdastidar is a PhD student in Chemistry that has been a TA for General Chemistry at McGill for the past two years and at Acadia University for three years. He is a two-time winner of the T. Sterry Hunt TA Award in Chemistry and has presented at the Chemical Education division of the Canadian Society of Chemistry Conference. He earned a BA in Mathematics and a BScH (Subject of Specialization) in Chemistry from Queen’s University and an MSc in Chemistry from Acadia University. Outside of Chemistry, Jim serves as a Faculty Mentor in Residence and has eight years of experiences working in student residences. As a TA, Jim is one of two TAs and six undergraduate mentors, who are mentored by Chem 120 Instructors Dr. Sam Sewall and Dr. Laura Pavelka.

Igor Huskic currently works at the Department of Chemistry, McGill University. Igor does research in Solid-state Chemistry, Materials Chemistry and Green Chemistry

Dr. Laura Pavelka is faculty lecturer at McGill University.