2019 Mini-grant Project

We have been looking for ways to break barriers between disciplines in recent years but have found it quite challenging to bring teachers into each other’s classes to achieve this goal, for various reasons having to do with logistics, scheduling or course sequencing. By building a light board studio, not only teachers from multiple disciplines will use to support active learning in their own classrooms, but also to collaborate in the creation of interdisciplinary videos explaining a topic from their respective discipline’s perspective.

Updates and Project Proposal

Knowledge and Skills Brought to the Project

Members of the team have already built a low-cost prototype of the light-board and have made several short preliminary demonstration videos. Our college has the necessary human resources to help us build a professional quality version of the studio and has committed to providing the necessary facilities and support, including pedagogical counsellors who will help with instructional design. We simply require funding for the materials.

The light-board studio will be used by a number of faculty at the college who have already been successfully incorporating multiple active learning strategies into their courses since 2016. They have a proven track record and will now have one more powerful tool at their disposal in order to further enhance their students’ learning.

Lori Jinbachian (Project Lead) – Science Department, Chemistry Faculty

Margaret Livingston – Arts & Sciences Program Coordinator / Physics Faculty

Jeremie Vinet – Science Department Chair / Science Program Coordinator