CHEMISTRY - If You're Not Part of the Solution You're Part of the Precipitate

BIOLOGY - The sailing iguanas: a mini case in speciation

BIOLOGY - AR'e you talking to me? Mini case study in cell signalling

BIOLOGY - Now you see me, now you don’t: fluorescent tags and membrane fluidity

BIOLOGY - Don't leave it to chance alone! Choosing the right statistical test for biology data

BIOLOGY - Cytoskeletal Proteins in Amoeba

BIOLOGY - A Case for Cystic Fibrosis (CF): A Québec Perspective

BIOLOGY - What numbers tell us about enzyme inhibition


BIOLOGY - Disappearing Sea Otters

BIOLOGY - Photosynthesis: Light Dependent Reactions

BIOLOGY - From "yum" to "yuk": a case in point… mutation

BIOLOGY - It's all hormonal: a class activity on Cushing's Syndrome

BIOLOGY - Brazil Nut Tree

BIOLOGY - The genetics of PTC sensitivity and tongue rolling

BIOLOGY - Cloning of the Human Insulin Gene

HISTORY - Identity Dot Exercise

ENGLISH - Bringing Context and Background to Life: Annotating and Research Activity for Reading Novels

ENGLISH - Rhetorical Strategies Jigsaw

ENGLISH - Individual and Team Creative Projects on Junot Díaz’ “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”

ENGLISH - Putting the “You” in Education: Using Self-Reflections in the College Classroom

AHSC - Action-Learning Sets

AGRI - Understanding Agro-Ecosystems by Observing, Writing and Discussing

CRLT - Understanding Terminology Using Jigsaw

CRLT - Managing Major Weather Hazards in Recreation

CRLT - Why Health & Safety is Essential to Recreation Leadership

MATHEMATICS - Two stage calculus quiz

MATHEMATICS - Sketching the graph of a curve

BIOLOGY - Darwin's Finches

ENGINEERING - Mine Ventilation Design

ENGLISH - Having Students Read and Apply Essay Feedback

PHYSICS - Forget the Math! Draw pictures to learn abstract concepts in the wave theory of light

ENGLISH - Short stories and social realism: building an effective toolkit for essay writing

ENGLISH - Poetic Literary Jeopardy

BIOLOGY - How to Read a Research Article

BIOLOGY - Organic Food vs GMOs

CHEMISTRY - Do You Know Your Stereochemistry?


CHEMISTRY - Stereochemistry Activity

CHEMISTRY - Organic Chemistry Flipped Classroom

SOCIAL SCIENCES - Defining a Definition

SOCIAL SCIENCES - Teacher for a Day: Defining a Definition


BIOLOGY - Ctrl + Alt + Del: PTSD and Neuroplasticity

SOCIAL SCIENCES - Holding Your Seat: A Mindfulness Exercise

SOCIAL SCIENCES - Who am I: (Mis)conceptions of Self

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE - Jigsaw Geography Presentation

APPLIED ARTS - Biomimicry Pin-ups


ENGINEERING - Talk to Your Neighbour

ENGINEERING - Piece of paper question

ENGINEERING - Problem Set Using Lightboard Video Recordings

ENGINEERING - Peerceptiv Peer Assessment

ENGINEERING - Engineering Poster Presentations with Peer Assessment

ENGINEERING - Engineering Ethics

SOCIAL SCIENCES - Presentation skills: Conveying emotion


BIOLOGY - Homeostasis

BIOLOGY - Race for the Hat!

APPLIED ARTS - National Building Code Jeopardy (Game)

APPLIED ARTS - The Ideal Classroom

APPLIED ARTS - Interior Design - Library Design

APPLIED ARTS - Time Ripple

BIOLOGY - Does X Associate with Y?

BIOLOGY - Protein Separation

BIOLOGY - Where in the Cell is Carmen Sandiego?

BIOLOGY - Alien Cell

PHYSICS - Engineering Physics IF-AT

BIOLOGY - Nucleic Acids

BIOLOGY - Genetics: Patterns of Inheritance

PHYSICS - Lenz's Law

PHYSICS - Forces Scavenger Hunt

PHYSICS - What is Torque?

PHYSICS - Reflective Writing On Waves

PHYSICS - Battleship Clicker Questions

PHYSICS - Dart Gun Velocity

PHYSICS - Falling Object Tracker

PHYSICS - Bottle Rocket Tracker

PHYSICS - Mass of A Car

PHYSICS - Kinematics Concept Mapping (Concept Mapping)

BIOLOGY - Phylogeny

BIOLOGY - Action Potential Simulation

BIOLOGY - Biological Molecules

BIOLOGY - Experimental Design in Neurobiology

PHYSICS - Dark Lords IF-AT

PHYSICS - Photo Concept Maps Part 3

PHYSICS - Photo Concept Maps Part 2

PHYSICS - Photo Concept Maps Part 1

PHYSICS - Newton's Third Law

PHYSICS - Problem Sorting Review

PHYSICS - Problem Sorting

PHYSICS - Energy Tracker

PHYSICS - Projectile Tracker

PHYSICS - Area Under the Curve

PHYSICS - Motion Diagrams

ANATOMY - Muscle Snowballs

PHYSICS - Interacting Objects

PHYSICS - Home Wiring (Jigsaw)

CHEMISTRY - Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution (Gallery Walk, Toolkit)

ANATOMY - Muscle Videos

PHYSICS - Momentum Photoproject

CHEMISTRY - Explosives Detective

CHEMISTRY - Elemental Superhero

CHEMISTRY - Chemicards

BIOLOGY - Cycles of Matter

CHEMISTRY - Limestone Rescue