Projet Specific: Webzine

By Maria Popica

Vénus d'Ille: Police Enquiry

By Alexandre Limoges

Building Effective Teams

By Meghan Marshall

“Light, Camera, Action” Starring reactions in photosynthesis

By Francesca Theriault

Sustainability Development Plan (Part 1 and Part 2)

By Anna-Liisa Aunio

Rédaction d'un Paragraphe de Texte Expressif

By Lyane Henrichon

Three-Tiered Writing

By Laure Galipeau

Mouse Coat Colour

By Karl Laroche

Homophones Talent Show

By Laurent Duval

Dictation: Read and Run

By Avery Rueb

Activité sur les Homophones

By Lysanne Audy

Pratique d’écriture

By Lysanne Audy

Fireweed and Seals, oh my! Mini Cases in Population Ecology

By Edward Awad

Cercles de Lecture (Reading Circles)

By Laetitia Desanti

Let There Be Light! ATP and Cellular Respiration

By Edward Awad

Brazil Nut Tree

By Edward Awad and Maxime Pelland

The genetics of PTC sensitivity and tongue rolling

By Edward Awad

Cloning of the Human Insulin Gene

By Edward Awad

Bringing context to life: Annotating research for reading novels

By Jeff Gandell

Rhetorical Strategies

By Jeff Gandell

How to Read a Research Article

By Chris Gregg

Ctrl + Alt + Del: PTSD and Neuroplasticity

By Daniel Goldsmith and Veronique Brule

Homeostasis: Mapping the Endocrine System

By Francesca Theriault

Race for the Hat!

By Francesca Theriault

Systems Ball Toss

By Rachael Marshall

Geography Video Test

By Jamie Miller

Genetics: Patterns of Inheritance

By Karl Laroche

Nucleic Acids

By Karl Laroche


By Edward Awad

Action Potential Simulation

By Joe Dent

Biological Molecules

By Edward Awad

Experimental Design in Neurobiology

By Joe Dent

Cycles of Matter

By Suzanne Kunicki