Social sciences Psychology

Love at First Insight: Crafting Dating Profiles for Therapeutic Techniques

Students create a dating profile that highlights the key feature of the major Abnormality Models in Psychology.

Health science

PharmaPuzzle Relay Race: Match the Meds and Win!

In this fast-paced relay, teams match categories of information to finish first and win the game

Biology Health science

Family Matters : Inclusive Genetics Pedigree

In teams, students will build a pedigree chart and determine inheritance patterns using inclusive pedigree practices.

STEM Biology

Don’t go NUTS: A Case Study on the Physiology of Stress

STEM Biology

Feeling Feverish: Homeostasis of Pyrexia

Social sciences Applied arts STEM Health science

Solving World Issues One Smartphone at a Time

STEM Chemistry

Name that Molecule! / Nommez cette Molécule!

STEM Biology

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard

Photo by Samuel Austin on Unsplash
STEM Biology

“Light, Camera, Action” Starring Reactions in Photosynthesis


Dictation: Read and Run

STEM Chemistry

If You’re Not Part of the Solution You’re Part of the Precipitate

Social sciences

Why Health & Safety is Essential to Recreation Leadership

STEM Physics

Forget the Math! Draw pictures to learn the wave theory of light

Social sciences

Family Feud


Poetic Literary Jeopardy

Applied arts

National Building Code Jeopardy


Race for the Hat!

Environmental science

Systems Ball Toss

STEM Physics

Forces Scavenger Hunt

STEM Physics

Lenz’s Law