Gender Socialization throughout the Life Course

By Cory Legassic

Mouse Coat Colour

By Karl Laroche

Pratique d’écriture

By Lysanne Audy

Fireweed and Seals, oh my! Mini Cases in Population Ecology

By Edward Awad

Let There Be Light! ATP and Cellular Respiration

By Edward Awad

The Sailing Iguanas: A Mini Case in Speciation

By Edward Awad

AR'e You Talking to Me? Mini Case Study in Cell Signalling

By Edward Awad

Now you see me, now you don't: Fluorescent tagging membranes

By Edward Awad

Cytoskeletal Proteins in Amoeba

By Edward Awad

What numbers tell us about enzyme inhibition

By Edward Awad


By Edward Awad

Photosynthesis: Light Dependent Reactions

By Edward Awad

From "yum" to "yuk": a case in point… mutation

By Edward Awad

It's all hormonal: A class activity on Cushing's Syndrome

By Edward Awad

Brazil Nut Tree

By Edward Awad and Maxime Pelland

The genetics of PTC sensitivity and tongue rolling

By Edward Awad

Cloning of the Human Insulin Gene

By Edward Awad

Two stage calculus quiz

By Andreea Panait

Organic Chemistry Flipped Classroom

By Caroline Cormier and Bruno Voisard

Museum Tour

By Philippe Caignon

Do You Know Your Stereochemistry?

By Carmen Leung

How to Read a Research Article

By Chris Gregg

Engineering Physics IF-AT

By Jonathon Sumner

Does X Associate with Y?

By Madoka Gray-Mistume

Time Ripple

By Leigh Barnett Shapiro

The Ideal Classroom

By Leigh Barnett Shapiro

Engineering Poster Presentations with Peer Assessment

By Lawrence R. Chen

Piece of paper question

By Marta Cerruti

Geography Video Test

By Jamie Miller

Dark Lords IF-AT

By Michael Dugdale

Biological Molecules

By Edward Awad


By Edward Awad

Kinematics Concept Mapping

By Michael Dugdale

Battleship Clicker Questions

By Kenneth Ragan

Genetics: Patterns of Inheritance

By Karl Laroche

Nucleic Acids

By Karl Laroche

Momentum Photoproject

By Rhys Adams

Muscle Videos

By Tim Miller

Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution

By Yann Brouillette and Adamo R. Petosa

Interacting Objects

By Chris Whittaker

Newton's Third Law

By Jean-François Brière