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The Amazing Ethics Race

By Janice Stephenson, Rivka Guttman, Tina Cinelli and Melodie Hicks

Sustainability Development Plan (Part 1 and Part 2)

By Anna-Liisa Aunio

Mouse Coat Colour

By Karl Laroche

Family HiStories of Migration

By Diane Shea

The Sailing Iguanas: A Mini Case in Speciation

By Edward Awad

AR'e You Talking to Me? Mini Case Study in Cell Signalling

By Edward Awad

Now you see me, now you don't: Fluorescent tagging membranes

By Edward Awad

Don't leave it to chance! Testing Biology data right the first time

By Edward Awad

Cytoskeletal Proteins in Amoeba

By Edward Awad

A Case for Cystic Fibrosis (CF): A Québec Perspective

By Heather Fice and Véronique Brulé

What numbers tell us about enzyme inhibition

By Edward Awad


By Edward Awad

Disappearing Sea Otters

By Karl Laroche

From "yum" to "yuk": a case in point… mutation

By Edward Awad

It's all hormonal: A class activity on Cushing's Syndrome

By Edward Awad

Brazil Nut Tree

By Edward Awad and Maxime Pelland

The genetics of PTC sensitivity and tongue rolling

By Edward Awad

Cloning of the Human Insulin Gene

By Edward Awad

Identity Dot Exercise

By Mark Beauchamp

Understanding Agro-Ecosystems by observing, writing & discussing

By Caroline Begg

Managing Major Weather Hazards in Recreation

By Heather Martin

Engineering Poster Presentations with Peer Assessment

By Lawrence R. Chen

The Ideal Classroom

By Leigh Barnett Shapiro

Interior Design - Library Design

By Leigh Barnett Shapiro

Genetics: Patterns of Inheritance

By Karl Laroche

Limestone Rescue

By Yann Brouillette and Adamo R. Petosa

Explosives Detective

By Adamo R. Petosa